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Capacity: 15 maximum in Retreat and Guest House.  Additional camping on the temple grounds is available for group participants.
Conduct: No intoxicants such as alcohol and drugs
No smoking in or around buildings.
Activities should not disturb others and the environment
A modest dress code is required, no nudity
Maintenance: NDDL will have the retreat center clean for group arrival, but 
does not provide daily housekeeping services for the duration of programs. Groups are responsible for the maintenance and 
cleanliness of the entire facility during their stay, as well as a 
basic cleanup of the facility prior to departure. 
Meal Service: Group Facilitators need to make arrangements for food service, cooks and assistants. The temple staff does not provide a Meal Service for groups.
Minimum: Three-night minimum.
Rates: $650 day for up to 10 people.  For groups of more than 10, each additional person will be charged $65/night.  Smaller groups under 10 people will be charged the current daily rates. The special rate of one complimentary night for a week's stay does not apply to groups.
Day Rate: $20 per person, for those who attend a program during
the day, but do not stay overnight at retreat and grounds.
Exclusive Rental: To reserve the entire facility, NDDL must be guaranteed a minimum of $650 per day.


A deposit is required 30 days after booking - $500 for programs of 3 nights/4 days, a $1000 deposit for programs of 4 nights or more. The balance is to be paid before the group departure.
Cancellation Policy: There will be no refund of the deposit. The deposit may be applied to another retreat/program to be scheduled within one year of the original retreat/program dates.



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