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First Sunday Puja - White Tara Practice

  • Nechung Dorje Drayang Ling, Wood Valley Temple & Retreat 96-2285 Wood Valley Road Pahala, HI, 96777 United States (map)

Every first Sunday of the month we do a White Tara longevity practice. It is a meditation for long life and wisdom.

On Sundays when there are no teaching programs, the standard practice is Green Tara with recitations of the 21 Tara praises. Tara represents enlightened activity, her practice brings fulfillment of wishes, and elimination of obstacles which hinder one’s life and spiritual practice. She has 21 manifestations, each form symbolizes a different aspect and may appear in various colors & appearances — such as the Red Tara (energy/power), Yellow Tara (increase), etc. — offering a different energy or virtue to help on our spiritual paths. Green Tara is the embodiment of all the aspects of Tara & is most commonly practiced..

The process of the practice begins with taking Refuge and engendering the altruistic mind (bodhicitta), invocation of Tara & enlightened beings, presentation of offerings, visualization of Tara, mantra recitation, dissolution and dedication. Traditionally, before doing a Kriya tantric practice, one does not consume garlic, onions & meat products.