Wood Valley Temple & Guest House
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Retreats with visiting lamas of all four lineages of Tibetan Buddhism are conducted at the temple several times a year. These programs are on various aspects of Buddhist philosophy & meditation. Subjects cover all stages of practice in Buddhist Sutra and Tantra. From the important groundwork of correct motivation, altruistic thought to the relative and ultimate views of reality, the levels of practice vary according the person.

The courses are held on weekends, but often span into the weekdays, and sometimes month long retreats take place with 4 sessions a day devoted to meditation and teaching instruction. Traditionally, in such gatherings, lamas give the verbal transmission and explanation of teachings and practices, along with bestowing empowerments for Tantric practices when applicable.

The temple's remote location, its peaceful surroundings, and the blessings accumulated from the dozens of great masters who have taught, prayed and meditated here, offers a perfect setting for contemplative retreat, spiritual training and profound insight. The Guest House or Tara Temple is a former Japanese temple refurbished with nine rooms for overnight stays.


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